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The Convent House is ideally situated on the banks of the Sneem estuary with four acres of private garden. The house has seven en-suite bedrooms a large lounge with two fireplace for the enjoyment of our guests and a private dining room. The house has kept the integrity of it’s origins while remaining a modern and comfortable retreat, filled with antique clocks and old books.

Leap the fence at the southern end of the garden and you land in the award winning “Garden Of The Senses”, a community developed garden whose primary function is to be enjoyed. Sneem Pier is but a few steps further on. Strole along the peaceful river walk which runs through the grounds of the house and you ramble into the multi-award winning pyramid garden, an enigmatic and beautifully designed sculpture garden designed by renowned artist James Scanlon.





Although the Convent House is in the centre of Sneem village, it is an oasis of tranquility. The Convent House is steeped in history: Originally built as a convent for the Presentation Sisters, the house was attached to the Church via a private entrance to the Nuns Chapel. The Nuns in the convent left the house for Australia at the turn of the century, after it is rumoured, a difference of opinion with the local parish priest! Nuns from the convent the sisters founded visit the house to this day. The O’Sullivan family acquired the house at the time the nuns departed and has remained in their hands ever since.

The house has been run by the O’Sullivan family a a guest house since the 1970’s. Enjoy the home baking, open turf fires and traditional hospitality all year round. Sneem lies at the heart of the Kerry Geo-Park, a community initiative to increase the awareness and appreciation of the historical, archaeological, geological and biodiversity of our surroundings. Sneem and it’s surroundings have much to offer and your hosts will be delighted to fill you in on all activities and places of interest in the locality.